Departement of languages

At the University of Saskatchewan, French is offered by the department of Languages, Literatures & Cultural Studies (LLCS).

The department offers second-language study in French as well as courses in French cultures and literatures. Some of the advantages of this department are their close and active collaboration with other institutions and their various study-abroad opportunities which may benefit students by complementing their degree requirements and further enhancing their language fluency as they study French in the countries and environments where they are spoken. 

More specifically, the LLCS offers the full range of undergraduate programs, the French M.A. program, and an interdisciplinary B.A. in Modern Languages. Therefore, students interested in majoring in second-language study may opt for undergraduate or graduate degrees in French. Likewise, if you want to combine study in one or more languages with other areas of study, students majoring in other disciplines have the option to choose French to complement their area of specialization and vice versa; students studying in languages may also opt for a Minor in French language.


Languages Centre

One-Week Intensive French Immersion

This program is designed for the mid-career adult learner who is a true beginner or who has more developed speaking skills. This French language course provides a fast and fun means of building linguistic confidence in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. The 40 hours of learning include:
• themes, vocabulary and grammar taught with the communicative method
• language lab exercises
• group projects and excursions
• guided conversations, discussions and debates
• Saturday final luncheon
• free use of the French multi-media resources in The Language Centre library
• six oral competency levels: beginner, high beginner, low, mid and high intermediate and advanced

The Language Centre
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Canada
Telephone: 306.966.4351
Fax: 306.966.4356

Additionally, French language program or activities in the University of Saskatchewan include:

The part- time French for low beginner to advanced (8 levels) are offered during the afternoons or evening.

French-voyageur is a weekend program for beginners who plan to travel. Are you travelling to a French speaking country and want to learn the basics? Want to learn some French quickly in a comfortable setting? This program is conveniently offered as a weekend workshop.