French immersion Program

Schools having French immersion programs offer to the children, whose first language is not French, the possibility to learn in French while following the same curriculum as all other pupils of Saskatchewan.

The goal of French immersion programs is to provide an opportunity to become functionally bilingual, to be able to work in both official languages and to appreciate cultures other than our own.

In immersion schools French is used as the language of instruction in the same subject curriculum as English-only schools. Immersion programs meet all of the educational requirements of the Ministry of Education in Saskatchewan and are available throughout the province.

What Immersion Programs Have to Offer?

  • Students can become functionally bilingual; they can communicate in both French and English;
  • They can continue their education in both languages;
  • Graduates can work in areas that require bilingualism;
  • They learn to appreciate other cultures.

Who can register?

Everyone can enroll in French immersion programs, but they are designed for children whose first language is not French.