Scholarships and bursaries

There are many scholarships and bursaries available to postsecondary students studying in French. Whether French is your first or second langauge, there is definitely something for you!

Here is a list of organisations and institutions that offer more information on financial aid and scholarships for students.

La Fondation fransaskoise

La Fondation fransaskoise is a registered charity whose goal is to offer financial aid to the different programs for the fransaskois people in all corners of the province. They accomplish this by helping to fund community projects and activities and through bursaries and scholarships offered to francophones pursuing their postsecondary education. The Fondation fransaskoise is a true investment tool in the development and blossoming of our communities. 

For more information on the scholarships and bursaries available to you through the Fondation fransaskoise, click here.

Le Collège Mathieu 

The Collège Mathieu's vision is that the citizens of Saskatchewan have access to a postsecondary education in French. The Collège offers a variety of courses and programs, and have both credited and non-credited classes. 

Collège Mathieu offers different scholarships and bursaries to their students to celebrate their successes. To learn more, consult le Collège Mathieu website here.

La Cité universitaire francophone

La Cité universitaire francophone is the place to go to get informed about everything happening in French at the University of Regina.

La Cité has a comprehensive list of scholarships, bursaries and financial aid options available to students studying in French at the University of Regina. To consult their Scholarships and Financial Aid page, click here.

The Government of Saskatchewan

The Federal-Provincial Fellowship and Travel Bursaries provide an opportunity for minority-language and second-language students to pursue post-secondary French education in Saskatchewan and out-of-province, when courses are not available to them in Saskatchewan. You can find more information about these bursaries here.

The University of Saskatchewan

The Department of Langauges, Litteratures, & Cultural Studies at the University of Saskatchewan offers a list of awards and scholarships available to students studying French at the University of Saskatchewan. You can consult this list here.

L'Association des juristes d'expression française de la Saskatchewan (AJEFS)

L'Association des juristes d'expression française de la Saskatchewan offers scholarships for students pursuing an education in law, or in a domain leading to a career in the legal profession, at an a college or university level institution. The scholarships offered by the AJEFS are available to those at all levels of postsecondary education. For more information, click here.