Home roots and other venues

Home Routes is about brining musicians to various francophone communities, allowing them a to have regulated work life and to boost the ecomony and tourism in each area.

Chemin Chez Nous

Chemin Chez Nous (Home routes) is about bringing music to where people live. For many artists involved, participating in Home Routes activities, it`s not about making money but for community service, for social reasons, to strengthen the cultural experience in comunities.

Chemin Chez Nous is the French counterpart of Home Routes, which helps make up the national bilingual organisation. Chemin Chez Nous has been establishing these concert circuits Canada-wide, since 2007, It become bilingual in 2009. 

Chemin Chez Nous are delived by professional Francophone artists from local, national and international origins, offering unforgettable musical experiences in our French communities. 

Touring show

The Fransaskois Performing Arts Network is dedicated to increasing the quantity of French entertainment in Saskatchewan. Every year the network presents a series of performances in four member communities: The Network also presents professional theatre.

Many of the performances can be enjoyed by all peoples, regardless of what language they speak.