Festivals & événements

Activites within the Fransaskois community are held for the entier community

Many publications are used to promote artists. These initiatives are mostly spearheaded by the Conseil culturel fransaskois (CCF) in collaboration with its provincial and local partners.

To identify and assist new talents, the CCF uses tools such as: the RAMDAM competition, Galas (Fransaskoise and Chant'Ouest), as well training and workshops.

The attention given to communities includes the organisation of summer festivals such as carnavals, theatrical festivals, the Youth Fransaskois Games, the Fransaskois Day, the Fransaskois Song Gala,  and other annual events. In addition, the CCS provides programs that include the Coup de coeur francophone, the programme d'aide aux membres associatifs (PAMA) and the Réseau de diffusion de spectacles de la Saskatchewan (RDSSK).

The CCF also publishes a community newsletter four times a year, the "Art en lys", which is a directory of Francophone artists in Saskatchewan.

Le Festival Fransaskois

Created in 1980, the Festival fransaskois aims to celebrate the French language and maintain a celebration of the francophone spirit in Saskatchewan. Throughout this festival, young and old, participate in a wide array of cultural activities, while the entire population is invited to share and discover the culture and the arts. Organized by the Conseil culturel fransaskois, this event is the result of an important collaboration between several Francophone organizations. The Fransaskois Festival is truly an opportunity for Francophone and Francophile people living across the province to get together for a long

The Festival fransaskois is three days of festivities entirely in French.

The festival is located 25 minutes south of Saskatoon, at Pike Lake Provincial Park. We offer family activities and youth tours around culture and francophone arts! Art workshops for children and adults, unique concerts and performances in Saskatchewan

The Fransaskoise Day festival brings together artisans, Saskatchewan artists, western provinces and major Canadian artists!

The details of the festival:
Dates: July 5, 6 and 7  2024
Location: Pike Lake Provincial Park


This is the biggest cultural event for Francophone youth in Saskatchewan. Francofièvre offers a musical festival for the youth of francophone and immersion schools. Organised by The Association jeunesse fransaskoise (AJF), this activity brings together 1000 to 1500 young people from nearly anywhere in the province every year. It aims to encourage young people to further discover the Francophone culture in Saskatchewan through community organizations kiosks that showcase bilingual opportunities in the province. Also, Francofièvre intends to show young people that it is possible to live in French in Saskatchewan.

Other activities include carnivals, Nouvelle scène, Chant'Ouest, Francofièvre, Saint-Jean Baptiste Day and many other annual cultural events.