Intensive Programs

Intensive French is defined as an enrichment of the Core French program by the creation of a period of intensive exposure to French. In one school year students will receive up to four times the number of hours of instruction normally devoted to Core French. During the intensive period, all activities relate to the learning of the second language; no subjects are taught in French and the teaching strategies focus on interaction and group work, helping the students to communicate orally in French.

In the Intensive French program students participate in a language development program emphasizing many of the skills found in English Language Arts.

Who can register

The Intensive French program is offered for a period of 5 months during the grade 6 year. Any Grade 6 student interested in learning French can register for the Intensive French program of the school division.

A Step towards bilingualism

French is used as the language of communication in the classroom for approximately 60% to 75% of the school day. At the end of the Intensive French period, Saskatchewan students scored at a level in an oral proficiency evaluation that indicated they are able to sustain a conversation using short phrases and sentences, demonstrating emerging spontaneity and some ability to create with the language.

In the written proficiency evaluation, students scored at a francophone grade level of approximately grade 3 on fluency and accuracy.

Following the year of intensive French, students may enroll in an Enriched French program. Enriched French is similar to the Core French program, but uses the same teaching strategies as Intensive French and a literacy approach which focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing. In some provinces, these students go into a late Immersion program.

Learning English in Intensive French Programs

During the 5 month period of Intensive French, instruction in French is carried out from 60% to approximately 75% of the daily instruction time. Math, Physical Education and Arts Education in English will take the remaining instruction time. At the end of the 5 month period of intensive instruction students return to a regular instruction pattern where all subjects are taught in English with the exception of the equivalent of at least half an hour of Core French daily. The continuation of 2 ½ to 3 hours weekly of Intensive French instruction further develops the French language skills


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