Late immersion

LFI (Late French Immersion) is a long term program which begins at Grade 6 and continues through to Grade 12.

All subject areas are taught in French except for English Language Arts. In Grade 8, the Early and Late Immersion students join together into one program. The two groups become academically cohesive during the secondary years. Students are encouraged to stay in the program through Grade 12 in order to attain a high degree of bilingualism and to receive a bilingual graduate certificate.

Program Goals:

• To provide an opportunity for students to become functionally bilingual in both of Canada's official languages
• To broaden students' cultural lives through access to literature, art, music, theatre, and ways of life in another language
• To gain insight into the common attitudes and values of French-speaking communities
• To provide an opportunity to take post-secondary education with French as the language of instruction
• To enhance career opportunities where the working language is French
• To provide extra enrichment and challenges to students
• To achieve skills in all subject areas equivalent to those in the English program
• To develop enhanced feelings of self-esteem and pride in having acquired an additional language

What characteristics do students need to be successful?

• Motivation to learn
• Openness to learning in another language
• Eagerness to meet new friends and have new experiences
• Willingness to work hard (especially in the initial fall term) when learning the basics of a new language
• Enjoyment of language activities and a willingness to spend lots of  time chatting to friends in class en français!

What about students' academic achievement?

Late French Immersion is a long-term program designed for students to become functionally bilingual in both of Canada's official languages. It is not a one-year program designed to give students a rigorous introduction to the French language. English Language Art skills will not suffer. Research indicates that English Language Arts skills tend to remain as good as those of students who continue in the regular English program. In fact, research shows that there is absolutely no detrimental effect on academic performance in any subject area when learning in a new language.

What commitment do Parents need?

• Encouragement, especially during the initial fall term when students are learning the
basics of a new language
• Willingness to engage their child with learning, at home
• Recognition of their child's wonderful accomplishments 
• Parents do not need to speak French and most have little or no French language skills


Busing arrangements to the closest designated schools can usually be made to accommodate all LFI students.

Henry Kelsey School
16 Valens Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7L 3S1

Lakeview School
527 Kingsmere Blvd
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7J 3V4

How can I get more information?

La commission scolaire  de Saskatoon, 
Phone : 306-683-8200
E-mail :